Thursday, 23 June 2011


Don't tell anyone but today I have been mostly getting to grips with website design. Following quite a few positive threads on Folksy I decided to take the plunge and opened an account with and also bought a domain name.  Well that was the easy bit!
I'm not a complete dunderhead but nor am I very technically minded. There are lots of lovely templates to choose from and as many ways to adjust, alter, tweak and change them. I'm not good when faced with so many choices but I found one I liked and stumbled my way through all the alterations I needed to make and do you know what? It was fun! The day has whizzed past and I have made a good start with the site, I have a slideshow gallery, a page where you can purchase items and even a contact form! I have even taken the Photoshop plunge and designed a banner!
There are lots of alterations I still want to make before the site goes live but I am very excited at the prospect! I will let you all know when it is up and running! Bye for now! Xxx

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