Monday, 13 June 2011

Monday Morning

Well actually it's afternoon now which is good as I dislike monday mornings intently. Today I am working on Mrs Mouse's hat. A large straw number which I may or may not embellish with ribbons and flowers. I got a fair amount done this morning as the boy decided to nap from about half ten until nearly one! He must have exhausted himself by waking us up at 5am bright as a button and raring to go! Anyway here are a few photos to show you the progression of Mrs Mouse. The first shows the 'raw' unspun merino wool.
The second shows the basic shape being formed by repeated stabbing with the small barbed needle.

And the third photo shows a more refined tightened shape,you can see the body and head shape more clearly I hope! 

Excuse the rubbishy photos, I promise to try harder next time.

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